Ride Safety


By purchasing tickets you agree to the following guidelines and understand you will be required to follow them at all times.

Our guidelines are in place for the safety and security of all our guests, including yourself.

PLEASE NOTE: Any guest who has an existing injury that requires a cast, sling or other special considerations are required to sign a waiver. Failure to do so may result in loss of access to attractions.

  • Please observe all signs and comply with operator instructions.
  • All riders, including Supervising Companions, are required to have tickets to ride.
  • To ride our rides if you must not be impaired by alcohol, drugs or any other substance.
  • Please review the height restrictions and ride rules so you can comply. Some attractions do not allow open toe shoes. Some rides do not allow single riders. Observe the speed, height and motion of each ride or attraction. Do not participate unless you have the ability to ride safely.
  • Food, Drinks and Smoking are not allowed on the rides as well as sharp or pointed objects. Secure all loose objects or items of clothing. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • You know the state of your health best. Be personally responsible for not participating in any activity that could harm your health including a heart condition or high blood pressure; neck, back or bone disorder; nerve disorder, seizure, dizziness or motion sickness; recent surgery, illness or restrictive mediation; or any other ailment which amusement ride or attraction participation may aggravate.
  • Expectant mothers are not permitted to participate on rides.
  • Observe and use all passenger restraint devices including holding on. Please wait
    for operators to open or close lap bars or passenger restraints. If you physically cannot be comfortably restrained or hold on, advise the ride operator and disembark from the ride. Due to the design of some restraints certain body proportions may not be able to participate on those rides.
  • Secure all wristbands as there are no refunds or exchanges. All riders must have wristband or coupons to ride.
  • Be cautious upon entering and exiting rides and attractions. You may be light
    headed or encounter a surface you don’t remember.
  • In the event of rain, high winds or unsafe weather conditions some rides may not operate.
  • Due to many factors, please note that there are NO REFUNDS on tickets or bracelets


At World’s Finest Shows we believe that by working with governmental safety agencies, manufacturers and the public we can achieve our goal of providing the safest and friendliest environment possible.

It is important that our customers abide by the posted rules and regulations for each ride. We invite you to study our online safety brochure to fully understand the different aspects of each ride. Safe Ride Rules and Attraction Guidelines is provided to assist all of our patrons in finding the rides or attractions that best suit them. As there are many types of thrills at the carnival, there are many types of interests and abilities that our patrons enjoy.

The comfort and safety of our patrons while walking around our midways are also of importance to World’s Finest Shows. Electrical cables and water hoses are covered by mats to provide comfortable walking surfaces, signs and privacy screens are used in areas that are not accessible to the public and all of our midways feature benches, covered rest areas and a guest relations booth where our fully trained staff can handle all of the needs of our customers.

All of World’s Finest Show’s equipment is inspected during erection and dismantling and we follow diligently all procedures as mandated by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority and ride manufacturers. A third level of safety is added by our insurance company who hires an independent safety consultant to inspect our equipment on a yearly basis.

At the rides you will find “Size Wise” signage and other information applicable to each particular ride. We ask that you follow all instructions and also all verbal instructions from the ride operators. Please evaluate the rides your child wants to ride and be sure they understand and are able to follow the rules to enjoy the action of the ride. It is important for their safety that they obey the rules of the rides they have selected.

Parents and/or supervising companions if your children are too afraid, please wait until next year. Please select rides for them that are within their capabilities and have them observe the action of the ride before they board.

Should you have any questions or comments please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you.