Advance Sales

Please Note!
Advance sales do not include Gate Admission to fairs or events. Whether the event is offering an advance sale for Mega Passes or Coupons, Admission is charged at the gates and is handled by event organizers. To find out the gate admission for an event please refer to the link to the event website.

What does a MEGA PASS include?

A Mega Pass allows one rider all-day access to any of our attractions at the event you purchased them at or for. Mega Passes are valid only on the day of purchase/redemption. There is no difference in price for an adult or child. All riders must pay to get on the rides. CHILDREN UNDER 32″ – we do not recommend parents buy Mega Passes for children under 32″ since most of our rides have a minimum height requirement of 32″. You can check height requirements in our Attractions section.

When can I redeem my purchase?

You can redeem any day of the event. We do not have specific times or dates that you can redeem Advance sales – as long as the event is open you can redeem your purchase. If you purchase one or more Mega Passes in advance, you do not need to redeem all of them at once, you can redeem each one on the day you want to use it.

Online sales questions.

Questions about online sales should be directed to