World’s Finest Shows provides midways and carnivals to fairs, festivals and events throughout Ontario. Spectacular and exciting rides, tasty midway food and fun games ensure family entertainment for over 50 dates, big and small, from major events in the largest cities to the  smallest of community celebrations and fall fairs.
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  • Congratulations to our 2014 Winners!

    Congratulations to our 2014 Winners!

    Each year, World’s Finest Shows presents awards to a few festival and fair recipients at the annual convention of Ontario Association of Fairs and Exhibitions. The OAAS convention occurs in February and the awards are presented to the winners for the previous year’s accomplishments.

  • Fair Appreciation

    Fair Appreciation

    Markham Fair’s 2014 President Kelly Winnitoy present Barry Jamieson, President of World’s Finest Shows with a framed image in appreciation for the plaque presented to Ms. Winnitoy during the opening ceremonies of Markham’s annual fair fall.



Here at World’s Finest Shows we value a great working relationship between ourselves and our employees.  We strive for excellent customer service in every department we offer.

These departments include but are not limited to:

  • Rides
  • Games
  • Food
  • Ticket Sales
  • Transportation
  • Maintenance.

If you or someone you know likes to travel this may be a place for you.  We offer accommodations with showers along with transportation to each city/town we entertain. Don’t have any experience?


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